Finally! A new site. (And a new WIP project)

Updated 4 months ago by j4nr6n

Nearly three years ago, I broke my website.

The old site was an open source project that was built in CodeIgniter which I have zero experience with. It made use of the old mysql extension which was removed in PHP 7.0. But there were other projects that I wanted/needed to host on the same server (It's a physical machine in my living room) and I wanted to use the new hotness!

I knew that I'd need to update, replace or rebuild my site. I elected not to change the old code in any way. I wasn't familiar enough with it (I didn't even know it was CodeIgniter at the time).

I expected it would take me a few weeks to rebuild and migrate the old articles.

but I'm a lazy sack and forgot to care...

3 years later, I've launched the MVP of the new site. It's very basic, but it has enough for me to do what I need it to do while I continue working on it.

Besides, It's far better than the placeholder that I was using.

        Under Construction